Stop struggling with cookie-cutter software


Your business is unique, so why isn’t your software? Knack makes it easy to build the perfect application designed just for you.

3 easy steps

to build your custom database application

1. Define your database

Knack gives you easy tools to define the data your app will store and use.

Structure your data with fields that make sense, from numbers and images to names and addresses.

Connect related data together, like linking employees to companies.

2. Build your interface

Design how your users will view and update the records in your database, using forms, searches and more.

Include tabs, links, menus, and popups so using your app will feel as natural as a web-page.

Customize your interface with your logo, colors, and icons.

3. Deploy your app

Embed your Knack app directly into your website for a seamless app experience.

Use your app on any device - Knack is optimized for mobile and will work great at any size.

Show different pages to different users - you have complete control over what each user sees.

Knack makes it easy

Knack is designed to be easy to use and customize. We add additional services to make it easier, so it's the easiest!

World Class Support

Free app assistance, extensive knowledge base, and live chat with english-speaking humans!

Fast-start Templates

Get started quickly with dozens of pre-made templates you can customize and tweak.

Builder Network

Work with a vetted Knack expert to build your app or add custom programming or design.

Case Studies

Kinetic Events - an events management company - gave up on finding a single out-of-the-box solution that could handle all the data juggling that comes with a high-profile event.

They used Knack instead to build a completely custom event portal for both managers and employees to focus on key data.

Knack created so many efficiencies that Kinetic could shift focus to more sales and increase their business.

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"Knack's greatest selling point is the ability to build a custom solution, any way you want. You don't need to force your business into out-of-the-box software."

Erik Lillquist, Founder