Connect your app with everything


Zapier makes it easy to connect your app to hundreds of other services.

Developers can extend your app with our powerful API.

Designers can customize your look-and-feel with JavaScript and CSS.

Extend your database

Developers can use Knack’s API to to add custom features and integrations with your database.

Update your records

Write programs to read and modify the records in your database.

Connect your data

Connect your Knack data with any other service that has an API.

Access your users

Authenticate logins and access user records with user tokens.

Extend your interface

Developers can use JavaScript to customize and extend your app's interface.

Event Driven

Respond to events like form submissions and table renders with custom actions.

Custom Views

Extend views with custom actions like triggering API calls with menu buttons.

User access

Multiple methods to work with the logged-in user and access their data.

Extend your design

Designers can use CSS to completely control the look and feel of your app.

Complete CSS Control

Name-spaced classes and IDs enable you to control every design aspect with CSS.

Custom Views

Extend views with JavaScript and jQuery to add UI features like table row checkboxes.

Embed on any Site

Embed your app on any website with seamless design integration.