Transform your data into decisions


Generate real-time insights with charts, graphs, and pivot tables.

Flexible report options

Knack provides unlimited flexibility to slice and dice your data. Pull in all the live data from your database

Tables are a powerhouse for quickly analyzing your data with filters, summaries, and groups.

Pie charts help visualize percentages and relative totals.

Visualize totals with bar charts and plot data points with line charts.

Pivot tables show calculations where two or more groups intersect.

Dive Deeper

Expanded records

Click in the report to drill-down into any group or calculation. The group’s records will display in a custom popup.

Multiple Filters

Limit each report with custom filters and queries, or let the user add additional filters.

Custom Dashboards

Combine tables, charts, and reports all on one page to see real-time trends, compare numbers, and find patterns from all your data.

How it Works

Knack works directly with your database so creating a new chart is simple -- you're using the fields you've already created.

You can choose fields to group your data on, and then add calculations to run on each group.

For example, you could group orders by date and region, and then count the number of orders and average the order totals for each group. You can preview your report at any time to see how it works.