Put Your Data To Work

Email Notifications
Schedule Tasks
Approve Requests
Deadline Alerts
Assign Jobs

Centralize your workflows and processes, all in real-time and completely automated.

Keep the right data moving to the right user.

Knack provides easy workflow features so you can integrate your database with how your business actually works.

Notifications & Reminders

Keep your users constantly notified of any workflow updates. Send customized emails at any step of the processes.

Scheduled Tasks

The work doesn't stop when your users log off. Define schedules to update records, send emails, and keep things moving.

Status Indicators

Use icons, colors, and styles to quickly gauge which processes are on track and which ones are in need of attention.

Approvals & Life Cycles

Set up approvals to move each process through a defined life cycle. Each user sees their pending records and actions steps.

Roles & Permissions

Assign each user to roles and control exactly which part of the workflow each role can access, including specific records.


Integrate your workflows and connect your data with all of your other web services using Zapier and the Knack API.

How it works

Knack provides flexible tools to easily implement the workflows you need.

Form Rules

Define rules to update statuses, approve requests, and maintain your records behind the scenes when forms are submitted.

Custom Icons & Colors

Add status indicators to any field with custom rules, colors, icons, and more.

Custom Emails

Create custom emails using record data from form submissions. Define criteria to determine which emails should be sent and to whom.

Scheduled Tasks

Define schedules and tasks to send emails and update records. Perfect for sending reminders, updating deadlines, and setting statuses.

Role-Based Access Control

Assign users to roles and define the permissions and actions for each.

Date Equations

Create equations to define deadlines and other dates based on record data and the current date.