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First Ever KnackCon!

  • Written By: admin
First Ever KnackCon!

“Really enjoyed meeting everyone and being able to put a face to the name of so many who have helped our company. I nearly hugged a few of you, I owe Knack such a debt of gratitude. It has truly been a game changer for our company and for me personally. I’m also excited about what the future holds with Knack. I spent a good 30 minutes brainstorming with a number of the guys from Knack, exploring future possibilities with our company.”

-Mike, RC Recycling

“We attended the (“KnackCon”) held in Salt Lake City. We had a great time meeting the Knack team and getting a sneak peek at what you guys are working on. Thanks for making the effort to meet and listen to some of your customers and biggest fans. This event made us love Knack even more!”

-Jake, David Sanchez Law

It was a great opportunity for our team to meet our customers. We casually mingled, snacked and talked about how Knack helped their companies do better work. Adding faces to customer names (and chat avatars) and hearing their stories face-to-face is invigorating–it makes what we do and the impact we can make feel so much more real.

“The experience was awesome! How cool was it that your whole company was willing to meet with a few developers and entrepreneurs, hear our suggestions and thoughts, and feed us during the whole thing too. Well done!”

– Aaron, Nak Development

In turn, it was fun letting our customers pick our brains about Knack. Conversations went all over the place, from how to work in the Builder, creative workarounds, features they would like to see, and the future of the Knack Builder.

We then gave a short presentation on the future of the Knack. We shared our vision for where we want to take Knack next and offered a sneak peek of upcoming Builder designs. We encouraged feedback from everyone and received some great ideas on improvements, new features, and integration challenges.

Jake showed off a check writing app he built to easily print checks. He mentioned he had to manually write out the amount for the check format, so our engineers quickly added a new function for the Text Formula field, numberToWords(), which takes a numeric input and converts its value to words.

We have already received interest in future events and we are glad to hear others are excited as we are about meeting the Knack team and other Knack customers. While we don’t know when or where yet, we can confidently say we will definitely be organizing other customer events in the future.

We can’t wait for the next one!