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8 Knack Integrations to Supercharge Your Project Management

  • Written By: admin
8 Knack Integrations to Supercharge Your Project Management

Knack offers a range of features and functionalities that can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes – whether you build your own project management web app or supercharge other project management software through Knack. With its intuitive interface and robust capabilities, Knack gives project managers the tools to easily plan, organize, execute, and monitor projects.

Reasons to Build your Own Project Management App with Knack and No-Code

Knack makes it easy to build apps with no-code for use cases such as:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Customer portals
  • Online databases
  • Inventory Management
  • Resource Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Custom CRMs
  • and much more – we like to say that if you can dream it, you can built it with Knack

Building a project management app using Knack and a no-code platform offers the following benefits:

  1. Tailored Solutions: Knack‘s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop builder allow individuals to define custom project fields, workflows, and automation rules, aligning the app with their specific needs. This customization enhances efficiency and productivity while supporting their project management methodology.
  2. Easy Integration: Users can easily integrate additional functionalities like time tracking, file sharing, or communication tools into their app through Knack‘s extensive integration options. This capability ensures a seamless workflow and consolidates essential project management features in one centralized platform.
  3. Agile Adaptation: With Knack, individuals can make real-time changes to their project management app as requirements evolve or new features are needed. This agility allows project managers to respond promptly to changing circumstances, ensuring that the app remains relevant and effective throughout the project lifecycle.
  4. Complete Data Control: By building a self-made project management app using Knack, users have full control over their data management. The app securely stores data within their own infrastructure or preferred cloud storage, providing peace of mind, especially for sensitive project information. Access controls and permissions can also be defined, ensuring only authorized team members can access and modify project data.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Knack offers cost-effective subscription plans that suit different budgetary needs. The transparent and straightforward pricing structure allows individuals and small teams to access Knack‘s powerful features without exceeding their budget. This affordability makes Knack an appealing option for startups, small businesses, and independent professionals seeking a customized project management solution without high development costs.

In conclusion, leveraging Knack and a no-code platform to build a project management app provides the advantages of tailored solutions, easy integration, agile adaptation, complete data control, and affordable pricing. This approach empowers project managers to create a streamlined, collaborative, and efficient project management app that meets their specific requirements.

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8 Integrations for your Project Management App

Through Knack’s API and integrations with Zapier and Make, you can integrate these tools to supercharge your software solution:

1) Podio

Podio is a versatile project management and collaboration platform that many users integrate with their Knack database app to increase connection and real-time information flow across their business operations.

Connecting your Knack app to Podio allows you to create a central hub for managing projects, tracking progress and milestones, and collaborating with team members. You can create custom apps to instantly sync project updates, task assignments, and manage other relevant information across both systems. It keeps everyone on the same page, enabling real-time notifications and at-a-glance dashboards that help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The high degree of synchronization lets your team work more efficiently, since they can access up-to-date information in real-time, without having to manually input data or switch between platforms.

Connecting Knack and Podio keeps your business agile, efficient, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way using no-code and low-code app development.

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Integrating Knack with, a customizable work operating system (work OS), significantly enhances project management capabilities. By connecting Knack and, project managers can create a unified platform for efficient task management, project tracking, and streamlined workflows. This integration fosters effective communication and collaboration, keeping the entire team informed, aligned, and focused.

By integrating Knack and, you can eliminate the inefficiencies of using disconnected legacy tools like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The integration ensures that data is not siloed and minimizes the risk of data inconsistencies and errors. Instead, you can establish a centralized system where information seamlessly flows between Knack and, reducing manual data entry and improving data accuracy.

The real-time synchronization between Knack and enables automatic updates of tasks, deadlines, and overall project progress. This ensures that team members always have access to the latest data, enabling them to make informed decisions and take necessary actions promptly. By eliminating manual updates and potential discrepancies, the integration optimizes project success and enhances overall productivity.

In conclusion, integrating Knack with empowers project managers to create a unified platform for effective project management. The integration streamlines workflows, improves communication and collaboration, and reduces the risk of errors, ultimately enhancing project outcomes and driving team success.

View the Knack <> Monday Integration Through Zapier >>

3) Google Drive

The integration of Google Drive with Knack offers significant benefits for project management. With this connection, Knack users can revolutionize their file management, storage, and sharing practices. By establishing a seamless workflow between Knack and Google Drive, important documents are easily accessible, ensuring a high level of security and organization.

The integration automates file-related tasks and streamlines workflows within Knack. For instance, when new records are added to the Knack app, relevant documents and Google Sheets can be automatically uploaded, stored, and organized in the user’s Google Drive account. This automation reduces the time and resources required for file management and minimizes the risk of human errors, such as misplaced or lost documents that can hinder project progress.

Moreover, integrating Google Drive with Knack promotes collaboration across teams and departments. Team members can effortlessly share files, collaborate on documents in real-time, and securely access vital information from any device, regardless of location. This seamless collaboration enhances teamwork, communication, and productivity throughout the project lifecycle.

View the Knack <> Google Drive Integration through Zapier >>

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4) Trello

Integrating Knack and Trello for project management offers seamless coordination between the two platforms. Trello is a visual project management tool that allows teams to organize tasks using boards and cards.

To integrate Knack and Trello, set up two-way task synchronization. When a new task is created in Knack, automate the creation of a corresponding card in Trello using Zapier or Integromat. Likewise, when a task is marked as complete in Trello, update the task status in Knack to keep both platforms in sync.

Transfer project data between Knack and Trello by automating processes. For instance, automatically generate a new Trello board and populate it with project information when a new project is created in Knack. This ensures consistent availability of project data across both platforms.

Automate status updates to keep stakeholders informed. When the status of a project changes in Knack, automatically update the corresponding Trello card label or move it to a different list, providing real-time visibility to team members.

Facilitate communication and collaboration by linking Trello cards to specific projects or tasks in Knack. This allows team members to discuss project-related matters, attach files, and track progress within Trello while maintaining the project management structure in Knack.

Automate notifications and reminders in Trello based on deadlines approaching in Knack. This ensures that team members stay informed and tasks are completed on time.

Integrating Knack and Trello streamlines workflows, improves communication, and enhances productivity in project management by leveraging the customization of Knack and the visual boards of Trello.

View the Knack <> Trello Integration in Zapier >>

View the Knack <> Trello Integration in Make >>

5) Asana

Integrating Knack and Asana for project management brings efficiency and coordination to your processes. Asana is a popular project management platform that allows teams to organize and track tasks effectively.

To start the integration, establish a seamless connection between Knack and Asana using workflow automation tools like Zapier or Integromat. This enables data synchronization and consistent tracking of tasks between the two platforms.

Automate task creation by generating corresponding tasks in Asana when new tasks are created in Knack. This ensures that task management remains unified and enhances coordination across both platforms.

Sync updates between Knack and Asana, ensuring that changes in task status or details are reflected in real time. This integration minimizes miscommunication and duplicate efforts, keeping project data consistent.

In summary, integrating Knack and Asana offers benefits such as synchronized task management, real-time updates, and improved coordination. By leveraging the integration capabilities, you can streamline project management processes and enhance collaboration between the two platforms.

View the Knack <> Asana Integration through Zapier >>

6) AirTable

Integrating Knack and Airtable for project management brings together the capabilities of these platforms to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and centralize project data. Airtable is a flexible database platform allowing powerful data organization and filtering. By integrating Airtable and Knack, you can create a comprehensive project management solution.

Through workflow automation tools like Zapier or Integromat, you can seamlessly sync project data between Knack and Airtable. This integration enables automated processes for transferring project details, tasks, deadlines, and other relevant information from Knack to Airtable. By centralizing project data in Airtable, teams have a single source of truth for managing and organizing project information.

The integration also promotes collaboration by linking records between Knack and Airtable. Team members can easily access and update project information in their preferred platform, facilitating seamless communication. Project-related discussions, attachments, and updates can be shared within the context of specific tasks or projects. Real-time updates and synchronization ensure that changes made in Knack or Airtable are reflected in both platforms, minimizing manual data entry and improving efficiency.

View the Knack <> Airtable Integration through Zapier >>

7) Smartsheet

Integrating Knack and Smartsheet can significantly enhance project management capabilities by combining the customizable database features of Knack with the robust project management functionalities of Smartsheet. By establishing a seamless connection between the two platforms, project managers can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and centralize project data.

One way to integrate Knack and Smartsheet is through workflow automation tools like Zapier or Integromat. With these tools, you can set up triggers and actions that enable data synchronization between Knack and Smartsheet. For example, when a new project is created in Knack, you can automatically generate a corresponding project sheet in Smartsheet, ensuring consistent availability of project data across both platforms.

The integration also allows for real-time updates between Knack and Smartsheet. Changes made in one platform, such as updating task statuses or modifying project details, can be automatically reflected in the other platform. This synchronization minimizes the risk of miscommunication or duplicate efforts, ensuring that project data remains accurate and up to date.

Moreover, by integrating Knack and Smartsheet, you can leverage the advanced project management features of Smartsheet, such as Gantt charts, task dependencies, and resource management. These features complement Knack‘s customization capabilities, providing a comprehensive project management solution tailored to your specific needs.

In conclusion, integrating Knack and Smartsheet empowers project managers to optimize their project management processes. The seamless connection between the two platforms streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and centralizes project data, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. By leveraging the strengths of Knack and Smartsheet, project managers can effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects while maintaining flexibility and customization.

View the Knack <> Smartsheet Integration through Zapier >>

View the Knack <> Smartsheet Integration through Make >>

8) Smartsuite

Integration between Knack and Smartsuite can significantly enhance project management capabilities by combining Knack‘s customizable database features with the comprehensive project management functionalities of Smartsuite. By establishing a seamless connection between the two platforms, project managers can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and centralize project data.

Integrating Knack and Smartsuite can be achieved through workflow automation tools like Pipedream. These tools enable the synchronization of data between Knack and Smartsuite, allowing for seamless information flow. For instance, when a new project is created in Knack, you can automate the generation of a corresponding project workspace or dashboard in Smartsuite, ensuring consistent availability of project data across both platforms.

Real-time updates between Knack and Smartsuite further enhance collaboration and ensure data accuracy. Any changes made in one platform, such as updating task statuses or modifying project details, can be automatically reflected in the other platform. This synchronization minimizes the risk of miscommunication or redundant efforts, enabling project teams to access up-to-date information and make informed decisions.

By integrating Knack and Smartsuite, project managers can leverage the advanced project management features of Smartsuite, including task management, time tracking, and reporting capabilities. These features complement Knack‘s flexibility and customization, creating a powerful project management solution tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

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Supercharge your Project Management with Knack

In conclusion, integrating Knack with various project management tools such as Podio,, Google Drive, Trello, Asana, and Airtable offers a range of features and functionalities that greatly enhance project management efficiency. Whether building a customized project management app with Knack and no-code, or integrating with other platforms, Knack provides the tools to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and centralize project data. By leveraging these integrations, project managers can optimize their processes, improve team coordination, and achieve project success more effectively.