Keep Your App Secure with User Login Features from Knack

12/01/2022 Posted by Brandon

User logins are important for businesses because they help to ensure security and authenticity. They also provide a way for businesses to track activity and gather analytics. Admins or managers use their user login to track the entire version of record from their admin account while keeping that level of detail away from the public. If you’re looking for a way to add an extra layer of security to your app, or if you want to give certain users different permissions, then you should check out Knack’s user login feature. With this feature, you could create different user roles and define what each role accesses.

Streamline Your Business

User logins streamline many aspects of your business, including employee portals, inventory management, and remote workforce management. Users manage their records using their login, while admins or managers track the entire version of record from their admin account. Read on to find examples of how user logins enhance your business workflows.

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Hours Worked

If you manage your own business working with freelancers or remote workers, the ability to track hours worked might be integral to the success of your business. An Employee Hours application helps you manage the following:

  • The conversion from hours worked into payroll for staff
  • Ensuring staff complete their assigned hours
  • Identifying overtime and new hiring policies in line with hours worked
  • Reducing staff burnout and managing their workload effectively

Streamline your HR and finance functions across your business with a simple, user-driven application.

Inventory Management

Inventory managers provide an invaluable service to those overseeing physical or virtual goods. Monitor stock levels and keep track of incoming and outgoing orders. 

This template provides a convenient way to manage your inventory. You can track current stock levels of your products by inputting data on incoming shipments and outgoing orders. If inventory drops below a predefined minimum amount, you will receive an alert. This allows you to stay informed and keep your inventory levels in check.

Managing A Remote Team

If you handle a remote workforce, you need the ability to delegate tasks on the go. A Task Management app allows you to parcel out tasks to your team in a streamlined and automated way. 

Statistics suggest that $1 million is wasted every twenty seconds on project management tasks that could be automated. Be ahead of the curve by working with an app that can help streamline your business processes.


A job posting app can help you to manage your existing job roles and current applications on the go. If you are a recruiter managing your own business, a Knack app built with different user login and access levels helps automate elements of the recruitment process. Users can log in to their profile, upload their resume, fill out their salary expectations, and even upload a professional photo. Recruiters can go in and quickly track their candidates from their very own user profiles.

Keep Your App Secure with User Login Features from Knack 1

Best Practices

Best practices on security dictate that certain information is private to a user. User logins can restrict data visibility to particular supervisors or administrators on the system. For example, imagine if you, as a supervisor, want to look at hours tracked by your remote workforce. While it might be essential for you to review the data, you don’t want each worker to view the other individual’s information. 

The same would go for reviewing information on a job application portal. Users would not want their private data shared with other candidates during the application process. However, as a recruiter, you will need to review all candidates applying for jobs quickly to ensure your business is running smoothly.

Knack’s user login features allow businesses to fully customize the user experience, including setting up multiple security levels, determining which users can access certain parts of the data, and more. 

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Avoid Costly Data Breaches

Data breaches can make or break a business. Almost 40% of companies have had cyber attacks in the past year. 95% of these were caused by human error. By restricting access to user data, you can minimize the chances that someone will cause a data breach. Security and data protection will give your users confidence and reduce the chance of cyberattacks costing your company money.

Unlimited Users

Many businesses restrict the number of users or licenses that your business can have. At Knack, we provide our clients unlimited users so they will have an app that grows with your company. When using Knack, you can feel confident that there are no hidden costs or fees associated with user logins.

New User Tutorial

To make it easier to work with these features we’ve added a new tutorial:

Showing Records Connected to the Logged-in User


This tutorial exhaustively covers the different scenarios where you can connect your views to a logged-in user: 

Add views for the user to manage their own record

Add views for records connected to the logged-in user

Assign the logged-in user to a form submission

Add rules to filter records by the logged-in user


Editors note: This post was originally published December 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.