Private Knack Servers

There are often cases where it is required to have physical separation between your data and the rest of the Knack cloud. We offer what we call Private Instances or Private Servers when that need arises. These are heavy duty, private servers (either singular or in a cluster) that run a self contained version of Knack, specifically setup for your needs.


Some of the key benefits to a private server:

  • Server location - We can setup this private server in the AWS data center nearest to you and your customer base.
  • Speed - Because we create a self contained version of Knack, functions such as search and the data-store are all contained on the same server. Meaning that query times are not dependent on network latency or other traffic.
  • Privacy - The private server option still does store your app structure in the main Knack cloud, but ALL of your data, both within the app and physically uploaded assets, remain segmented from everything else.
  • Flexibility - The private servers don't have app or record limits at all.² Instead, we base the underlying hardware on your needs and growth expectations.
  • Auditing - The private servers allow access to logs for the purposes of auditing requirements. We keep log versions for up to 1 year unless otherwise required.
  • Custom Domain - The private server is setup with a base domain of your choice. In addition it will have a wildcard SSL certificate installed to accommodate all the endpoints such as, and

What is included?

We include the following with each private server.

  • Migration - We migrate your existing app(s) and data to the new server.
  • Backups - Just like the public Knack cloud, we perform regular data backups that are stored on separate encrypted disk volumes accessible to your private server only.
  • Maintenance - Regular server maintenance and security updates.
  • Logs - We provide access to log files for auditing and compliance purposes.


Pricing for private servers is based on your needs not only today, but into the future. We provide estimates for every private server inquiry which are based on the record counts, types of data, specific file/image requirements and any local regulatory requirements. Pricing starts above the Enterprise 3 level.

If you're interested in obtaining an estimate, you can use the built-in chat tools found in the builder and one of the Knack Success Team members would be happy to help. It will be helpful if you include some of the estimates for record counts today and expected growth 2 years from now. In addition, be sure to include some details about the type of data as well as any special regulatory requirements you may have.

² While we don't limit the number of records, there is a theoretical limit that the hardware can manage. This number varies depending on the type of data you use and the hardware. This theoretical number is far above the limits found in the standard Knack plans.