Customer Portals

Custom portals to share and collect data from your customers.

Customer Portals Made Easy

Sharing and collecting data is a critical part of your customer workflow.

Easily build your own customer portal with Knack so your customers can login and access and manage their own data.

  • Better data - let customers input and manage their data
  • Automate workflows - by integrating your customers
  • Save money - affordable and easy to use
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Over 5,000 customers trust Knack

Knack is quick and simple - especially for a novice like me! It allows us to deliver functionality quickly to our customers that previously we couldn't have done!

- Jackie Anderson
  Wesfarmers Industrial

Our business never would have started without Knack. I turned to Knack and built a customer portal in 4 days with no coding experience.

- Scott Longden

Knack has drastically improved our customers' experience! Our customers can view proofs and pay their invoices. It's a complete customer solution.

- John Katez

Key Customer Portal Benefits

Give your customers easy access to their data

With Knack each customer can log in and only see the data you've assigned to them. Whether it's a job history, invoices, or project approvals, you can share the key data that your customers need.

You can also request data from your customers, so they can update your database directly. No more needing to translate paper forms or integrate with other services.

Save time and money by giving your customers direct access to the information they need, so you don't have to manually answer every request via phone or email.

Integrate your customers into your workflow

A customer portal isn't just about data, it's about workflow. Use your customer portal to manage and automate those critical actions you need from your customers.

Alerts, notifications, and permissions can be integrated into your customer portal so your customers can participate directly in your workflows.

Customers can review, submit, and approve the projects, jobs, and other data you need them to interact with.

Accept payments for invoices and services

Use a customer portal to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you.

Customers can login and pay invoices directly from your customer portal, or maintain payment information so you can charge their credit cards as you complete services.

You can send notifications and reminders when payments are due, and use successful payments to send receipts and trigger workflow actions.

Knack integrates with Stripe and PayPal, two of the Internet's most popular and respected payment providers.

Customer Portal Templates

Play with a pre-built customer portal template to see what's possible or start customizing one for your own customer portal application.

Payroll and Timecard Manager

Manage payroll and employee time cards.

Customer Portal

Customers log in to review and submit service requests.

Municipal Payments Portal

A portal for municipalities to enable residents to look up their accounts and pay their invoices online.

Easy, Reliable, and Secure

We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on what's important: your customers

Servers & Hosting

We host your database, scale it in the cloud, and make it accessible on any mobile device.


We employ enterprise-grade security and audits so your private data stays private.

Speed & Reliability

A cloud infrastructure designed for speed and reliability for all the customer records you need.

Extend & Connect

Connect your customer software to thousands of other apps via Zapier and our robust API.

Unlimited Users

There's no expensive per-user license. Each customer simply counts as a record in your database.

Friendly, Human Help

We're here to help, whether it's through online chat, calls, or helping you build your app.

Customer Spotlight: SwagRobot

When you have "robot" in your name you know that automation and reliability are going to be major areas of focus.

For John Katez, that is exactly how he built SwagRobot, his customized apparel company. He makes it as simple as possible for his customers to order custom swag like pins, lanyards, and keychains branded with a company logo or design.

Fortunately John found Knack, and our ability to provide customer portal features perfectly enabled him to build a comprehensive system for customers to login and view and manage their orders.

"Knack has drastically improved our workflow and our customers' experience! Our customers can view proofs, approve orders and even pay their invoices through the portal. We even have automated customer pricing. It's a complete customer solution."

John Katez, Owner

Custom Customer Portal: Online Customer Portals Enhance Customer Experience FAQ

What happens to my data when I add it to Knack?
There is zero data lock-in with Knack. It's your data, you can export all of your data at any time in multiple formats, including CSVs and JSON.

Can I integrate Knack into my website?
Yes! You can embed the full app or just a specific part into your website. It will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding design.

Do you have setup fees or contracts?
Nope, there are no setup fees or contracts with Knack. You can pay month-to-month and cancel at any time, or pay annually in advance and get two months free.

Are there user licenses?
No, there are no "seat" or per-user licenses. Each plan includes unlimited users -- each user simply counts as a record stored in your database.

Who owns my data if I use Knack?
You do. Although the data is stored in Knack databases, you are the complete owner of your data and are solely responsible for its contents.

Can I talk to a real human being?
Sure! Each trial includes an optional free call to discuss if Knack will be the right solution for you. Most plans also include free phone support.

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About Knack

We want to help you manage, share, and automate your data.

Our goal is to make it easy to do amazing things with your data.

Knack combines a powerful online database with simple tools like forms, searches, and calendars so you can build custom apps with no coding required.

We take care of all the hard stuff like hosting, security, and reliabilty so you can focus on what's important: your data.

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