Supercharge your data

Knack makes it easy to move your data to the cloud and transform it into a powerful relational database.

Your data never had it so good

Access & Permissions

Access your data from anywhere, and from any device. Set permissions to define exactly who gets access to your data and how much they can see.

View, Share, & Analyze

Transform your data into dynamic data-driven applications. Knack opens up powerful features to view, share, and analyze that data.

Secure & Reliable

Never worry about your data again. Your data will be backed-up and secured by the industry's best practices, and there's zero data lock-in.

How it works

Knack combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the power of a database so managing your data is easy and flexible.

Structure your database with field types that make sense, from simple text to special fields like signature captures.

Mathematical equations and formulas and let you incorporate calculations, averages and sums.

Query your database with powerful search and filters to find the exact records you need.

Inline editing makes changes as simple as a spreadsheet, while batch updates let you make changes in bulk.

Connect related data together to open up powerful features like grouping, look-ups, and parent-child hierarchies.

Populate your database with spreadsheet imports, forms, or connecting to your favorite services with Zapier or the Knack API.

Online Database FAQ

Is my data locked in?
No! You can export your data any time in a variety of formats, including CSV. You also have full access to your data through our API.

How do I access my Knack database?
Your Knack database can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. You can also embed Knack database apps to your own website.

Is my data secure?
Absolutely. The security of your data is our primary concern. Learn more here

Who owns my data?
You do. You're the sole owner and completely responsible for the contents of your database.

Can I connect Knack to my SQL database?
No. At this time Knack can only work with the database built in to our platform. You could export your Knack database to a SQL database if you wished.

Can I migrate my data from Access, FileMaker, or other databases?
Sure thing. Knack lets you import data from CSV spreadsheets, and virtually every other database will let you export in that format. You can even maintain connections and relationships when importing.

Case Studies

DNAeX - an athletic data company - turned to Knack to build a data management solution for managing a DNA collection and testing process.

Knack made it easy to store the scientific analysis and present this data to the client athlete in a secure manner, all while allowing for cloud accessibility across multiple devices.

Knack met all of DNAeX's data management needs, but also enabled DNAeX to get to market faster at a fraction of the cost of full-time developers.

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"I built a complete data management solution in 4 days with no coding experience, saving at least $250,000 in hard development costs and getting to market 6-12 months faster so we could begin generating revenue."

Scott Longden, CEO