Build your own E-Commerce application


Add payments to Knackā€™s database platform to create powerful
E-Commerce applications, all with no coding.

E-Commerce customized for your exact needs.

Knack combines the power of E-Commerce with the flexibility of a database so you can create completely custom payment applications.

Customer Invoices

Event Tickets

Purchase Orders

Online Donations

How it works

Knack provides flexible tools to build the E-Commerce application you need.

In App Payments

A checkout can be attached to any form. Once the form is submitted the user can make a payment without leaving the app.

Custom Charges

Define your charge with equations, user inputs, formulas, and more. Add dynamic charges based on record values.

Secure Processors

Add status indicators to any field with custom rules, colors, icons, and more.

Rules & Workflow

Define rules to update statuses, approve requests, and maintain your records behind the scenes when forms are submitted.

Database Integration

Each charge is stored in your Knack database and can be integrated throughout your Knack application.

Reports & Analysis

Create equations to define deadlines and other dates based on record data and the current date.