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Power Your Knack App with Make: Top 10 No-code App Integrations for Your Business

  • Written By: admin
Power Your Knack App with Make: Top 10 No-code App Integrations for Your Business

Pairing Knack’s no-code apps with Make, you get a user-friendly, drag-and-drop app builder to create simple automations that eliminate the inefficiency and resource drain from repetitive tasks. You’ll move Knack data from one app to another, or automatically trigger events in other apps. Regardless of whether you need real-time messaging or an expanded connection to your CRM, we’ve got you covered. 

To spark ideas for use cases where you can leverage the Knack API to increase functionality – connecting key services and gaining a host of new capabilities – here are the top 10 apps Knack users connect using Make:

  1. Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign

Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign), is an eSignature solution that allows users to securely sign, send, and manage documents online. By adding Dropbox Sign capabilities to your Knack app, you can create a seamless document signing process for clients and team members across devices, including mobile iOS or Android. 

Adding this integration eliminates the need for manual document handling. You’ll reduce errors, accelerate  approval processes and save time that can be applied directly to higher-value activities. And it’s not only efficiency gains. By leveraging Knack with Dropbox Sign, you get a significant security advantage over traditional document handling methods. Electronic signatures and digital document management provide multiple layers of authentication and encryption to ensure that all users have the right permissions to access sensitive business documents, contracts, and forms that contain personal identifiable information (PII).

Integrating an e-signature service like Dropbox Sign also gives you detailed audit trails that track every interaction and edit made to a document so you can be sure they’ve been properly reviewed and approved. This type of evidence can increase the enforceability of your signed documents and help maintain compliance with industry regulations around managing HIPAA and other personal and financial data that must be protected and handled according to specific mandates.

  1. Podio

Podio is a versatile project management and collaboration platform that many users integrate with their Knack database app to increase connection and real-time information flow across their business operations.

Connecting your Knack app to Podio allows you to create a central hub for managing projects, tracking progress and milestones, and collaborating with team members. You can create custom apps to instantly sync project updates, task assignments, and manage other relevant information across both systems. It keeps everyone on the same page, enabling real-time notifications and at-a-glance dashboards that help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The high degree of synchronization lets your team work more efficiently, since they can access up-to-date information in real-time, without having to manually input data or switch between platforms.

Connecting Knack and Podio keeps your business agile, efficient, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way using no-code and low-code app development.

  1. Google Drive

By integrating Google Drive with your Knack app, Knack users can transform the way they manage, store, and share business files. By establishing this workflow connection, you can ensure that important documents are always readily accessible, while maintaining a high level of security and organization.

Connecting Knack to your Google Drive can automate file-related tasks and streamline your workflows. For example, when new records are added to your Knack app, relevant docs and Google sheets can be automatically uploaded, stored, and organized in your Google Drive account. You’ll reduce the time and resources required to manage files and minimize the risk of human errors, like misplaced, lost or hard-to-find documents that require excessive search time when someone needs the information.

Integrating Google Drive with your Knack app also enhances collaboration across teams and departments. Team members can seamlessly share files, collaborate on documents in real-time, and securely access important information from any device, regardless of location. 

  1., which provides a customizable work operating system (work OS), is another popular tool to integrate with your Knack app. By connecting Knack and you can create a unified platform for managing tasks, projects, and workflows. You’ll foster communication and collaboration to keep everyone on your team informed and aligned and avoid the inefficiencies that come from using disconnected legacy tools like Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that silo data and put it at high risk of getting out of sync and perpetuating errors. 

The integration makes it easy to synchronize data between the two platforms. You can automatically update tasks, deadlines, and easily see the overall progress across a project, ensuring your team is always accessing the latest data. This real-time synchronization cuts down manual data entry and reduces the likelihood of errors or discrepancies in your records that will negatively impact project success.

  1. Dropbox

By connecting Dropbox to your Knack app, you can effectively manage, store, and share your business files, giving your team members easy access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Integrating Dropbox with your Knack app enables seamless file-related automation. When new records are added or updated in your Knack app, corresponding files can be automatically uploaded, stored, and organized (or signed electronically using Dropbox Sign) within your Dropbox account. You save file management time and reduce the risk of files being lost or misplaced.

Team members, whether new to the app or power users, can share and collaborate on documents, and securely access the information they need, when and where they need it. And, Dropbox’s version history and file recovery features provide additional security, so you can track changes and restore previous file versions, if needed. 

  1. CloudConvert

Streamlining the management of business-related documents and other files is crucial to keeping work teams efficient and providing instant access to information when it’s needed. By integrating CloudConvert with your Knack app, you make it effortless to convert, optimize and manage a variety of file formats. You can be sure that your team always has access to the files they need, and in the format required.

Once connected to Knack, you can automate your file conversion tasks to simplify workflows and save time. For example, when new records are added or updated in your Knack app, the record and any associated files can be automatically sent to CloudConvert to convert them to PDF. You’ll eliminate the need for manual file conversion and reduce the likelihood of missing files due to human error and inconsistency. And since CloudConvert supports over 200 file formats, no matter whether you’re  handling documents, images, audio or video files, you’re covered. 

  1. Intuit Mailchimp

Regardless of the size or stage of your business, email marketing is a core pillar in your sales and marketing process. Maintaining consistent and responsive communication is key to building customer relationships and trust. Intuit Mailchimp, a leading email and marketing automation platform, can be integrated with your Knack app via Make automations.

The integration enables you to automate email marketing tasks and seamlessly sync data between the two platforms. For example, when a new record is added or updated in your Knack app, the associated contact information can be automatically sent to your Mailchimp account to keep mailing lists up to date and ensure your campaigns are reaching the right audience at the right time.

  1. Mandrill

Want to make your integration with Mailchimp even more powerful? Connect Mandrill, an available add-on to your Mailchimp service that lets you send one-to-one transactional or operational email messages based on a user’s action. For example, you can trigger a message when a new order is placed. Or, trigger a predefined communication when a new record is added to your Knack app. 

Leveraging this integration helps you build stronger relationships through responsive and targeted messages. You’ll also know that important emails such as product and service updates, downtime, billing changes, or other critical information such as terms-of-service changes are delivered promptly.

  1. Twilio

Getting your email marketing and communication processes in place is important, but what about enabling broader,  real-time communication? Twilio, a cloud communications platform, can take your communication capabilities to the next level. When you connect Twilio to your Knack app, you can manage and automate communication through SMS, voice, and messaging services to keep your team and your customers connected and informed.

And with the ability to send personalized notifications, you can increase engagement and customer satisfaction by keeping your audience informed about critical updates, promotions, or reminders. 

Read how a nonprofit organization, Project Lifelong, used Make integrations with its Knack app to add two-way texting and email communication capabilities. The responsive and personalized messaging capabilities enabled the organization to become more efficient and build stronger relationships with members, volunteers and staff.

  1. WordPress

Given its popularity as a content management system, the odds are that your website is powered by WordPress. By connecting your Knack app to WordPress using Make integrations, you can manage and automate content creation and your publication process, to streamline updates and keep your website current and engaging for your visitors.

Use Make automation to fetch data from your Knack app, including titles, post content, categories, tags, and featured images, and then generate and publish new blog articles on the schedule you determine.

And for a bonus app integration…

  1. RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication), is a widely-used web feed format. Using Make, you can automatically aggregate podcasts into a single Knack database. It simplifies the process of managing and organizing podcast episodes – or blogs, news or other website feeds that are important to your business – and provides easy access to a range of content, eliminating the need to manually monitor and navigate a variety of sites. 

Make can fetch specified podcast data from designated RSS feeds and then populate a Knack app to keep the database up to date as new episodes or articles are released.

Overall, integrating your Knack no-code database app with these top apps using Make automation can significantly enhance your business operations. You can optimize workflows, improve collaboration, and increase security, all while improving productivity and efficiency. It’s a win-win, whether you’re operating a small business or running a functional area or department in a larger enterprise.

Learn more about Knack’s no-code platform and using Make to connect and automate web apps to automatically share important data across your Knack workflows with other key third-party services. With a variety of app templates and tutorials available to help you get started, you’re just a few clicks away from adding even more power and decision-making intelligence to your Knack apps.