Secure, no-code applications
to easily manage internal operations
and public facing data initiatives.

Data Management Made Easy

Secure data storage while offering flexible reporting and sharing features.

Knack is the easiest custom database solution for building data management and reporting applications.

  • Visualize data - display data in multiple layouts.
  • Selective sharing - secure access for individuals or groups.
  • Budget friendly - low cost, high value solution.
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Over 4000 customers trust Knack with their data

We needed to create some web apps QUICK and EASY. We are so glad we found Knack! Now we have over 8 apps in production - it just works.

- Chris Mills
  City of San Jose

Knack has made it easy to build searchable databases that are mobile friendly and load quickly. We’ve also been really impressed by the level of customer service.

- Kendra Skeene
  Digital Services Georgia

Knack, has provided us a way to integrate a customer facing portal with our website without having to manage customer access through our internal authentication tool.

- Herman Brown
  City and County of San Francisco

Key Benefits

Data Protection and Security

Security is the highest priority which is why we ensure all data is encrypted in transit and at rest making data unrecognizable without decryption within your Knack database.

Incorporate standard or advanced (SSO) logins to authenticate users for each application. Enable a mixture of public facing pages for open data and secure pages for employees.

Knack actively creates backups and restore points, maintains redundancy protocol, and leverages SOC and ISO certified cloud services for our infrastructure.

Reporting and data visualization

When it comes to reporting it is necessary to visualize your data in a meaningful way. Leverage multiple charting and graphing options to tell your data story.

Not all reports are created equal! What is important to one agency, may not be to another. Design reports using tables, grouping, color-coded blocks, and icons.

User dashboards are excellent for reporting on the data that a particular user groups need at the ready. Customize further to limit to department or user level access.

Workflow and process automation

Streamline the important tasks and prioritize completion in order to meet specific deadlines and project goals.

Decisions happen at multiple levels and by using the workflow tools, approvals can be passed through the governance continuum resulting in rapid authorization.

Combining user-specific data pages, email notifications, and reminders, ensure that each deadline will be met with on-time.

Government Templates

Use one of our pre-built app templates to learn how to build or use it as a starting point to build your custom application.

Municipal Payments Portal

A portal for municipalities to enable residents to look up their accounts and pay their invoices online.

Easy, Reliable, and Secure

We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on what's important: your customers

Servers & Hosting

We host your database, scale it in the cloud, and make it accessible on any mobile device.


We employ enterprise-grade security and audits so your private data stays private.

Speed & Reliability

A cloud infrastructure designed for speed and reliability for all the customer records you need.

Extend & Connect

Connect your customer software to thousands of other apps via Zapier and our robust API.

Unlimited Users

There's no expensive per-user license. Each customer simply counts as a record in your database.

Friendly, Human Help

We're here to help, whether it's through online chat, calls, or helping you build your app.

Customer Spotlight: Austin City Government

Arterial Management is a division in the Department of Transportation tasked with enabling safe movement for all modes of transportation on the city’s high-traffic roads. From traffic signals to real-time monitoring to working directly with citizens, they handle a lot of data.

They needed a better way to handle their data and enable their team to do the job they were hired for. After exploring numerous solutions, it was Knack’s combination of flexibility and powerful features that proved to be the exact solution the city of Austin needed to end its data gridlock.

“The application has only what we need it to have, the enterprise alternative would be really bloated with a bunch of functionality that we don’t need.”

John Clary, City of Austin

Government FAQ

What happens to my data when I add it to Knack?
There is zero data lock-in with Knack. It's your data, you can export all of your data at any time in multiple formats, including CSVs and JSON.

Can I integrate Knack into my website?
Yes! You can embed the full app or just a specific part into your website. It will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding design.

Do you have setup fees or contracts?
Nope, there are no setup fees or contracts with Knack. You can pay month-to-month and cancel at any time, or pay annually in advance and get two months free.

Are there user licenses?
No, there are no "seat" or per-user licenses. Each plan includes unlimited users -- each user simply counts as a record stored in your database.

Who owns my data if I use Knack?
You do. Although the data is stored in Knack databases, you are the complete owner of your data and are solely responsible for its contents.

Can I talk to a real human being?
Sure! Each trial includes an optional free call to discuss if Knack will be the right solution for you. Most plans also include free phone support.

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About Knack

We want to help you manage, share, and automate your data.

Our goal is to make it easy to do amazing things with your data.

Knack combines a powerful online database with simple tools like forms, searches, and calendars so you can build custom apps with no coding required.

We take care of all the hard stuff like hosting, security, and reliabilty so you can focus on what's important: your data.

Knack is trusted by some of the world's best companies