Purchase Orders

Easily manage and report on orders and vendors.

Purchase Order Template App

Purchase orders apps are a valuable tool for managing and tracking company purchases, vendors, and products.

This purchase orders app enables admins to log in to add and track purchase orders. They also manage vendors and products. Reports show order totals for products and vendors, along with weekly totals.

There are many options for expanding the functionality of a purchase orders app, such as enabling different employees to submit purchase orders to be approved by the admins.

Explore the following resources to help you build your own custom app:


Why Use This App Type?

  • Flexibility to adapt to your specific use case – whether you are a small business, school district, or national company, you need an easy way to track spending.
  • Simplify operations by storing all order, vendor, and product data in one place.
  • Automated notifications when a new purchase order is submitted or approved.
  • Save time by building a flexible Knack app to easily submit and track company purchases.

Key Features

  • Custom lifecycles – Define the custom lifecycle your customers take, however the turn from contacts to customers.
  • Integrated workflow – See the donations each donor has made over time.
  • Easy stats – Each donor and campaign automatically calculates total donations, average donation, and the min/max donations.
  • Donation reports – View percentage of donations by campaign, donations per month, and much more.

About This App

Our demo apps are designed as a learning tool. You can get a sense for what types of apps are possible with Knack. Install apps to your own account to see how they are built. Then, build your own custom Knack app using our no-code Builder!

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