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Updates on the Knack product.

New Knack Builder!

Aug 22, 2016

We’ll soon be launching a shiny new version of the Knack builder! This is a massive update that includes a complete refresh of the user interface and is packed with changes and new features.

Builder Changes

The following are changes and improvements we’ve made to how the builder works.

App descriptions, sorting, and search

We’ve made the app dashboard easier to organize by including a search, allowing you to drag apps to change the sort order, and add descriptions to each app.

Simplified language

A big goal with the new design was to simplify the interface whenever possible. We’ve done this be removing “database” and “interface”. There’s now two tabs simply for “data” and “pages”.

Improved Toolbars

Objects and pages have toolbars to easily add fields and views. All record functions are now focused in one easy toolbar.

Static Headers

Column headers will always remain anchored to the top of the page for more clarity as you navigate the records in your database.

Batch Delete

You can now use queries to delete large numbers of records in your database at the same time (similar to batch updates).

View previews

When building your pages you can now choose to preview your page views in real time. You can even choose which record you want to use to preview single record pages.

Page Filtering

You can now filter your pages by user role. This is useful if you have too many login-protected pages to fit on your screen and need to quickly know which pages each user role can access.

New Features

We’ve also included some new features along with these builder improvements.

And/Or filters

When filtering a view you can now choose to use “and” or “or” to combine filters. If you choose “and” then records are returned that match all of the filters. If you choose “or” then records are returned that match any of the filters.

Paragraph truncation

You can add automatic truncation to your paragraph fields so they initially don’t occupy so much space. Users can click on a “more” link to read the entire paragraph.

Forms - 3 columns

We’ve added an additional column to organize and group your forms in.

Registration child forms

Registrations are now handled by child form views rather than a tab in the login view. This means each registration form has all the features of a regular form, including custom emails, record rules, and submit rules.

Multiple Choice defaults

You can indicate that a multiple choice field will start with a “blank” option and set the text for that option.

Read Only Form Inputs

Inputs added to a form can be set to be “read-only”. These fields will display their values in the form and cannot be edited.

Image Galleries

Any thumbnails added to a view can have a “image gallery” option enabled. This will enable a user to click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized image. Multiple image gallery thumbnails in the same view can be viewed in the same gallery.