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Tools to help adapt in an age of uncertainty

We believe that now is the time for citizen developers to be a force for positivity. That's why we’re offering free service for any not-for-profit apps assisting in the COVID-19 response.

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As the world responds to the unprecedented challenges brought by COVID-19, no-code tools provide an essential way for communities to rapidly adapt.

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For any non-profit efforts directly assisting pandemic relief.

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Rapidly adapting to uncertainty

Knack empowers everyday innovators to quickly solve real-world problems
using our magically powerful no-code platform.

We had to close our main office due to Covid-19. We immediately deployed our engineers to work from home. This is enabling us to provide emergency service for those in need.

- John Spence
  Emanuel Spence Maintenance Services

It started as a study on how to structure the unstructured data about Covid-19 cases. Knack is able to adapt to constantly changing information and present new figures based on it.

- Bart Bolkestein
  Corona Locator

It was apparent that Covid-19 was going to profoundly effect our day-to-day operations. We needed to understand the impact operationally as well as ensure the safety of our staff.

- Carl Holmes
  CH Support

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Starter Templates

Use one of our pre-built app templates to learn how to build your application.

Customer Portal

Customers log in to review and submit service requests.

Mobile Workforce

Supervisors can assign jobs and tasks to Employees, who can login to view and complete those tasks.

Medical Inventory Manager

Track inventory usage and purchases for multiple clinics. Ensure patient safety by tracking expiration dates and use inventory on a "First In First Out" basis.

Volunteer Management

Manage volunteers for events they self-register for.

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