Does Knack work well
on mobile devices?

Yes, Knack is designed to work well with phones and mobile devices.

Key Highlights
  • Knack apps can be accessed via the web browser on any sized device.

  • Knack apps leverage mobile features like cameras, swiping, and more.

  • Knack apps can't be downloaded from an app store, but there are options for doing so.

Mobile devices are no longer optional. Your users are increasingly on mobile so it's critical that your apps are optimized for any sized device.

Responsive to any size

Knack apps are designed to be responsive, which means they will take the size of your mobile device into account and respond accordingly to figure out the best way to display.

For example, the main menu that displays at the top on your desktop will be accessed through an icon and slide out on mobile devices.

accessing the donations app on mobile slides out the menu

Your Knack apps will look great whether they are viewed on a giant HD monitor or the latest smartphone.

Mobile features

Knack apps are designed to leverage some of the most convenient mobile features:

  • Geolocation: view nearby records in a map based on your current location, or store your current address with a form submission.
  • Images: upload photos for your app using your mobile camera.
  • Signatures: use your finger on a touchscreen to add signatures to records.

Knack apps leverage mobile features like cameras and touch

Web app versus mobile app

Knack apps are web apps, not mobile apps. This means they can be accessed from a web browser on any device. They are not native mobile apps that can be downloaded from an app store.

There are options for using your Knack app as a native mobile app. Tools like Phone Gap or Go Native are available to convert your app into a mobile version that can be added to app stores. The Knack API also can be used to store and share your data with native mobile apps.

You can emulate a native app experience with Knack by adding an icon to your phone’s home screen. Your app will open and respond similarly to a native app with no browser or URL bar.

Add an icon to access your app directly

Knack Expert Network

If you are want to leverage the Knack API to build a custom mobile app but don't have access to developer resources, the Knack Expert Network may be an option for you.

You can post your project and developers familiar with Knack will provide estimates on doing the work for you. You're free to engage with any Knack Expert and negotiate the terms that work for you.

Click here to submit a project to the Knack Expert Network.

About Knack

We want to help you manage, share, and automate your data.

Our goal is to make it easy to do amazing things with your data.

Knack combines a powerful online database with simple tools like forms, searches, and calendars so you can build custom apps with no coding required.

We take care of all the hard stuff like hosting, security, and reliabilty so you can focus on what's important: your data.

Knack is trusted by some of the world's best companies