Knack and NDAs

This page discusses our corporate policy towards Non-Disclosure Agreements, or NDAs.

In short, we don't sign NDAs! We know this may sound strange, so we want to outline some of our reasons here:

We are already protecting your idea

Check out our privacy pages and terms of service. You are the complete owner of your data, and we won't disclose any information about you or your app without your explicit consent.

Most NDAs have really vague language around technology

This is in most boilerplate NDAs, and we simply can't expose the core Knack technologies to these kinds of provisions.

We see thousands of app ideas

Literally thousands. Many of them are very similar. It's not tenable for us to reference a library of signed NDAs before discussing every new app inquiry.

We are not a business advisor

When we are advising on apps or ideas, it's from a technical perspective on how to best execute the idea with the Knack platform. We're not sharing business practices or strategic pointers. We have no interest in doing so.

When we MIGHT sign an NDA

Enterprise accounts include more lenient NDA considerations. We have more room with an Enterprise plan to engage our attorneys to craft an NDA that can meet our unique requirements.

We have signed NDAs in the past under specific circumstances. There are rare circumstances where an NDA makes perfect sense. So feel free to ask, just understand that we'll probably say no.