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Knack: No-Code Application Development Platform
Track current inventory by managing shipments and orders.
Retain customers by offering a self-serve portal.

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Bakery Manager Template App
Bakery Inventory Manager Template

Always deliver the freshest goods by keeping track of what your kitchen needs everyday.

bug tracker template
Bug Tracker Template

Streamline bug reporting, tracking, and resolution while enhancing team collaboration in a secure way.

Call Center Tracker
Call Center Tracker App Template

Optimize call center operations for support & sales teams with real-time insights, customizable workflows & extensive reporting.

Camp Management Software Template
Camp Management Software Template

Optimize camp experience for campers, parents, and staff with an intuitive management tool.

Case Management Template App
Caseload Management Template

Lawyers can log calls & manage their caseload. Plaintiffs can log in to view the status of their case.

Class Catalog and Enrollment Template App
Class Directory Template

A catalog for prospective students to browse and enroll in classes. Instructors can manage their classes and view enrollments.

Business Directory Template App
Company Directory Database Template

Add a business directory to your website. Admins can manage the directory or allow business users to update their profile.

Construction Estimate App Template
Construction Estimate App Template

Modernize construction estimates for project stakeholders.

Construction Management
Construction Management Template

Efficient Construction Management for Effective Operations

Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management App Template

Streamline construction project oversight from planning to completion.

Contact Directory Template App
Contact Directory Template

Easily manage all of your contacts in one secure database. Search, filter, and add notes to track communication with each contact.

Employee Portal Template App
Coworking Member App Template

A portal for coworking space members to register for events, book conference rooms, and manage their membership.

Build own CRM with Template
Custom CRM Builder Template App

Manage customers through a sales pipeline and assign tasks and meetings.

Customer Payment Portal Template App
Customer Payment Portal Template

Customers log in to submit service requests and pay invoices with their credit card.

Build Customer Portal with Template
Customer Portal Template

Retain customers by offering a self-serve portal.

Digital Asset and Content Manager Template
Digital Asset and Content Manager Template

Efficient Construction Management for Effective Operations

Document Management Template
Document Management Template

Efficient document organization and access control app.

Donations Manager Template App
Donations Tracking Template

Manage donation campaigns and run reports across donors and campaigns.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System Template
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System Template

Streamlined Health Records for Efficient Patient Management.

Employee Timesheet Template App
Employee Portal & Hours Template

Employees can track their hours from any mobile device. Supervisors get real-time reports on weekly totals.

Employee Reviews Template App
Employee Review App Template

Add and manage performance reviews for your employees. Track and analyze evaluations over time.

Payroll and Timesheet Template App
Employee Timesheet App Template

Manage payroll and employee time cards.

Equipment Tracker Template App
Equipment Tracker Template

Employees search and checkout available equipment. Admins can view history logs.

Event Calendar Template App
Event Calendar Template

Display events in a calendar. Editor can approved events submitted by the community.

Event Registration Template App
Event Registration Application Template

Manage registrations for your events. Events can have limited availability and users can pay for their registration directly in the app.

expense tracker app
Expense Management Template

Track expenses, manage budgets, and generate insightful reports.

Fleet Management Software TEmplate
Fleet Management App Template

Optimize fleet operations with real-time tracking, route planning, and proactive maintenance.

Freelancer Directory Template
Freelancer Directory Template

Connecting companies with categorized freelance talent effortlessly.

Freelancers Project Management Template
Freelancers Project Management Template

Manage clients, track jobs, monitor time, and much more to maximize freelancer operations.

Municipal Payments App
Government Payment Portal Template

A portal for municipalities to enable residents to look up their accounts and pay their invoices online.

Government Procurement and Contracts Template
Government Procurement and Contracts Template

Simplify government procurement and contract management.

Government Public Service and Works Management Template
Government Public Service and Works Management Template

Simplified civic tasks and community services app.

Grant Management Template
Grant Management Template

Efficiently Manage Grants and Report on Fundraising

Healthcare LMS
Healthcare LMS Template

Empower healthcare professionals with our LMS: track progress, ensure compliance, and enhance learning efficiency.

HOA Management App
HOA Directory App Template

A simple online portal for residents and board members in a community.

Online Image Gallery Template App
Image Gallery App Template

View and navigate through a gallery of images.

Inventory Manager Template App
Inventory Management Template

Track current inventory by managing shipments and orders.

investment portfolio app
Investment Portfolio App Template

Effectively modernize and manage your investment portfolio.

IT Helpdesk App Template
IT Helpdesk App Template

Streamline IT support with ticket management, role assignments, and real-time analytics.

job dispatch app
Job Dispatch Software App Template

Optimize field service ops by enhancing the coordination and management of fleets, field technicians, and work orders.

Job Listing Template App
Job Listing App Template

List available jobs on your website for applicants to apply to. HR Admins can manage jobs and rank applications.

Learning Management System Template
Learning Management System Template

Efficiently facilitate and track education and training as a school or business.

Legal Case Management Template
Legal Case Management Template

Collaborative Legal Case Management Platform

Inspection App
Maintenance and Inspection App Template

Efficiently manage construction projects with this maintenance and inspection app. Stay compliant, track tasks, and enhance equipment reliability effortlessly.

marketing campaign planner
Marketing Campaign Planner App Template

Revolutionize your marketing by effortlessly strategizing, organizing, and executing successful campaigns.

Medical Inventory Template App
Medical Office Inventory Template

Track inventory usage and purchases for multiple clinics. Ensure patient safety by tracking expiration dates and use inventory on a “First In First Out” basis.

Free Medical Practice Management Software
Medical Practice Management Software Template

Manage medical practice operations effectively.

Member Directory Template App
Member Directory Template

Members login to a secure directory to search other members and update their own profile. Admins can manage all member data.

Membership and Club Management Software Template
Membership and Club Management Software Template

Efficient Construction Management for Effective Operations

App for Managing Remote Employees
Mobile Workforce No-Code Template

Supervisors can assign jobs and tasks to Employees, who can login to view and complete those tasks.

Multi-Company Platform Template App
Multi-Company Platform Template App

Streamline multi-company project management through secure, unified oversight and real-time collaboration tools.

Multi-Step Application
Multi-Step Form Template

Applicants can fill out their application in multiple steps, save, and submit when ready.

Project Management Template App
No-Code Project Management Template

Managers track projects and assign tasks for employees.

Online Donations Portal Template
Online Donation Portal Template

Accept donations online with built-in E-Commerce features.

Job Portal Template App
Online Job Portal App Template

Employers post jobs for applicants to view and apply to.

online store app
Online Store App Template

Streamline online retail with our app: manage products, orders, payments, and boost sales effortlessly.

Open House Management
Open House Management Template

Streamline the process of organizing and managing open house events for realtors, property managers, and potential renters or homebuyers

Parent and Student Portal Template
Parent and Student Portal Template

Educational visibility and communication for parents, students, and teachers.

Patient Scheduling Template
Patient Scheduling Template

Efficient patient scheduling and healthcare communication platform.

Product Catalog Template App
Product Catalog Database Template

Add and display product categories and respective items. Easily add payment options such as PayPal.

Property inspection template app
Property Inspection App Template

Effortlessly streamline property inspections; Real-time scheduling, detailed reporting, and seamless communication.

Real Estate Listings Template App
Property Listings Template

Realtors and brokers manage real estate listings and property images as well as communicate with interested buyers.

Publication Management Template App
Publication Management Template

Collaborate on books, magazines, and other types of content as an author or publisher.

how to build punch list
Punch List Template

Modernize construction project management with task assignment, collaboration, and progress tracking.

Purchase Order Template App
Purchase Order Database Template

Manage purchase orders, track totals, and run reports.

Quotes and Invoices Template App
Quotes & Invoice Template

Generate quotes, pay invoices, and print PDFs of both.

rental management app
Rental Management Template

Streamline property management, collect rent payments, and enhance tenant relations.

resource planning app
Resource Planning Template

Incorporate resource planning, real-time updates, and project management tools.

restaurant inventory manager
Restaurant Inventory Manager App Template

Track ingredients, stock, recipes, and more to avoid stockouts and keep ops running.

loyalty and rewards program app
Rewards and Loyalty Program

Elevate customer engagement and retention by efficiently managing rewards, points, and transactions.

School Management System Template App
School Management System Template

An all-in-one school administration management app

Security Policy Template
Security Policy Template

Streamline company security policy creation and enforcement.

SOP Management Software
SOP Management Software Template

Efficiently create, edit, and approve SOPs in real-time while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Sports League
Sports League App Template

Easily manage a league’s games, players, and scores with an online app.

StartUp Landing Page App Template
StartUp Landing Page App Template

Create stunning landing pages effortlessly. Showcase products, engage visitors, and gather feedback with ease. 

Store Locator Template App
Store Locator Template

Search address records by location and range and show details about each location.

Supply Chain Management Template
Supply Chain Management Template

Optimize procurement, inventory, order fulfillment, and supplier management.

SWOT Analysis App
SWOT Analysis App Template

Streamline identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

tenant portal
Tenant Portal App Template

Streamline property management, collect rent payments, and enhance tenant relations.

lab test management
Test Laboratory Management Template

Streamline lab operations, simplify user management, and enhance coordination.

Tutoring Company
Tutor Management Software Template

An easy portal to manage tutoring sessions.

Vacation and PTO Tracker App Template
Vacation and PTO Tracker App Template

Simplify time-off requests, track balances, and ensure workforce management.

Vendor Management TEmplate App
Vendor Management Template

Streamline vendor management through role-based access, risk assessment, inventory tracking, and more.

Volunteer Management & Database Template
Volunteer Management & Database Template

Manage volunteers for events they self-register for.

Warehouse Manager Template App
Warehouse Manager App Template

Manage and forecast your inventory across multiple warehouse locations and supplier distributions.

Work Order Template
Work Order Template

Efficient Construction Management for Effective Operations