Announcing Action Links!

06/13/2018 Posted by Brandon

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new feature: Action Links!

Action Links are a link type that you can add to tables, lists, maps, calendars, or details views. They allow a user to trigger specific actions behind the scenes by clicking a link on the view.

These will open up all sorts of dynamic functionality, including:

  • Changing the status of a record to “completed” and setting the time that action was taken
  • Updating a record’s assignment to the logged-in user
  • Approving a record and sending an email confirmation

Action Links are added to a view from the tab next to Fields in the View Editor (this is called either “Links” or “Special,” depending on the view type):


To add an Action Link, you first stipulate a trigger criteria and link text, then set an action and outcome.


Actions Links can trigger the following actions:

  • Update this record
  • Update connected records
  • Insert a connected record
  • Send a custom email

If these look familiar, it’s because they’re the same options available in form rules, but these don’t require a form submission.

We can’t wait to see how Action Links make your apps even more powerful!

For more on this feature, you can see our full support article here.