Case Study: More baskets for your database eggs

05/28/2015 Posted by Brandon

Joshua Guy Lenes replaced a custom-programmed database with a Knack solution so more team members could help build and maintain it.

Joshua Guy Lenes is familiar with complex, custom database solutions. He works with the American Association of University Professors to manage union memberships. They used to employ a custom-engineered database coded in python, django and sql.

It was a suitable system but there was one big problem: Josh, a trained and capable developer, was the only person who knew how to manage the database and keep it running smoothly. It was too complex to easily bring on others to help.

He knew this would not be sustainable in the long run — if Josh somehow became unavailable how would the system be maintained?

Josh needed a more flexible database solution that his team could easily use and manage without his assistance, and the search began for a replacement.

Expanding the database team with Knack

He explored Knack and found it to be extremely intuitive. In less than two days he had a completed database application to manage membership engagement, follow leads, and store various campaign data!

The ease of implementation was a major win. Because no coding is required to use Knack, Josh could share database development with other members of the team knowing that they would easily grasp the Knack platform.

This was a huge advantage in working with Knack, as Josh explained: “Knack requires no single expert, and there’s no reliance on a proprietary system or person to manage the database. You don’t have all your eggs in one basket.”

Josh worked closely with his team on the Knack database, but even if he wasn’t available the Knack support team would still be available to assist with any maintenance.

Using Knack as an organizational database

Josh was so impressed with the experience he decided to conduct a public webinar to share more about his experience.

In the following webinar Josh shares his needs, his experience building with Knack, and the benefits he has gained by using Knack. The webinar also includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a union organizational database (around the 12 minute mark).

You can view the webinar here:

We were thrilled to view the webinar and see Josh advocate for Knack as a solution that others can benefit from! It’s really gratifying to find customers sharing your product with others because they know it’s the right solution for a specific need.

Josh, thanks for sharing your perspective and knowledge with others – you rock!