Connection Upgrades

11/19/2015 Posted by Brandon

Connections are at the heart of any database. Being able to connect one record to another record is what separates a spreadsheet from a database.

Our goal for Knack has always been to enable unlimited flexibility with connections.

Need a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many relationship? No problem. Need more than one connection between the same objects? Can do.

Once your connections are set up we automate everything behind the scenes so they are simple to use and leverage throughout your application.

We recently released some new features that continue to improve this flexibility and automation.

Combine fields from “many” connections in views

Knack has always had the ability combine fields from “one” connections. For example, if you are displaying a table of employees you can include fields from the company each employee is connected to.

In this case the company name and URL are combined from the employee’s connected company record:

We recently expanded this to include fields from “many” connections as well. So if you display a table of companies, you can now include fields from the “many” connected employees:

Since you may be displaying values from more than one record, you can also configure how to separate those values with either a new line or a comma:

Add links to any connection value

You can now add links to any of these connected values to other pages in your app.

This way you can click on any connected value and go to a page to view more details about that connected record.

In this example, you can click on the company links to view more details about the respective company record:

Multiple Look-up Options

When you need to populate a connection you can add a connection field to your forms as a look-up. The default is to display as a searchable dropdown:

We’ve added two new options to display these look-ups: checkboxes and radio buttons. Checkboxes are used when you can connect to more than one record (many) and radio buttons are used for single records.

Here’s how a similar look-up works with radio buttons:

You can also configure connection fields to display as checkboxes or radios in search views, where it is particularly effective for displaying all the available options in one glance.