E-Commerce Updates!

11/28/2017 Posted by Brandon

We’re very excited to announce some upgrades to our e-commerce functionality! Accepting payments with your Knack app just got even easier.

Saving Payment Methods

In the past, payments were submitted exclusively via checkout forms where users had to manually enter their payment information each time. Now your app can save a user’s payment method, so future payments are quicker and simpler.

Securely storing payment information in Knack means that users can log in to submit payments at any time, or you can charge their payment method as you complete services:


E-commerce is a great way to set your app up to make donations, purchase tickets, or place orders. Now that user’s payment methods can be saved for future use, activities like online bill pay, submitting invoices, and call-in payment services are easier than ever.

New View Types

With this functionality we’re also introducing two new view types: payment views and payment method views.

Payment method views allow you to add, update, or remove a user’s payment method. The data is then synced with your Stripe account and can be used in other payment views.


Payment views, formerly known as checkout views, are standalone forms that allow you to charge payments directly, instead of adding them to trigger on another form. These can be added to any page that works with a single record (for example a ‘details’ link that shows more information about a specific Invoice record):


As always, security is our top priority. Payment methods are stored as tokenized strings, which translates a card number into a unique, encrypted string that is only usable by the app that created it. Actual card information is never stored in Knack — keeping your data safe and meeting strict PCI regulations.

You can add either of these new view types via the add view menu under the “E-Commerce” option:


Further Notes

We’ve updated all of our e-commerce support documentation to include these new options. You can read more here.

For the time being, this expanded functionality is only available with the Stripe payment processor.

We’re thrilled to bring you this new feature and look forward to building upon it to make e-commerce functionality even more robust in the future!