The Knack Roadmap

11/30/2016 Posted by Brandon

In case you weren’t aware, software development is hard.

When you combine overly optimistic expectations, backwards compatibility, scope creep, conflicting user needs, changing requirements, engineering allocation, quality control, and technology trade-offs, you have a recipe for things to go very wrong very quickly.

Trying to predict timelines and deliverables on top of all of this is even harder. It’s why we’ve been hesitant to do it. The last thing we want to do is create false expectations, miss deadlines, or disappoint anyone depending on a crucial feature at a crucial time.

In addition, our internal roadmap is a living document. It changes weekly. We pride ourselves on the ability to move quickly and change directions to respond to demand, capture opportunities, and optimize resources.

All that being said, we understand that we owe it to our customers to make some attempt at this. Many of you are making long term investments in the Knack platform. Some of you are even making your living from developing Knack apps. We understand how important it can be to have insight into where Knack is going and what features will be included in the near future.

Our first stab at this will be a very high-level roadmap you can access here:

This roadmap will be subject to change. We still won’t be able to provide exact estimates or timelines on feature releases, but we do hope it helps to provide some insight into where Knack is going.

As always, our roadmap is completely defined by building the best product we can for our users. We need your feedback and insight to help define what that product will be. You can continue to add suggestions to our forum or contact us at any time.