Welcome New Knacksters!

07/20/2018 Posted by Carson

Time for another update on the team here at Knack! There are few things we love as much as growing our Knack family, and this time we've got a bunch of new faces.


Mai-Li joins us from sunny Phoenix, Arizona! She is Knack’s Product Designer and helps make all things Knack prettier and more accessible. She is passionate about music, board games, pottery, and her two dogs.



Joshua joins our Louisville, Kentucky contingent and is a Senior Engineer at Knack! He blew us away early on by tackling a project that had been stalled for a long time. When he’s not expanding Knack functionality, he likes collecting and playing SNES games.



Mark is our new Support Engineer! He helps us iron out technical issues that are affecting customers. He’s based in Portland, making him the latest addition to our growing Oregon outpost. Mark loves to sing, though claims he’s not very good at it. We’ll have to be the judge of that at our next retreat.



Sterling is the newest addition to our Customer Success team! He’s originally from Oregon, too, but now he’s helping us keep Knack customers happy from his home in Malmo, Sweden. He has an extensive background in IT, and in his spare time he likes cooking and hiking with his dog Shakira.



Liz is our new Operations Lead! She helps ensure things are running smoothly behind the scenes and that everything logistical is in order here at Knack. Her skills have already made us all much more organized! Liz lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys craft beer and the great outdoors.


We’re so lucky to have these fine folks join the Knack family! We know they’re going to make our product and our team stronger than ever before. We can’t wait to see what’s next. Onward and upward!