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Perfect Uses for Knack: Case Management

02/26/2019 Posted by Ranasha

Case management tools are great for tracking the information you need to work with a client. Additionally, they can help to streamline workflows from the first contact to case resolution. Knack has great features to help you stay on top of your high priority cases and get more out of your data.

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Retreat VII: Viva Knack Vegas

02/21/2019 Posted by Brandon

Last month, Team Knack convened for our 7th ever company retreat, in sunny-but-not-as-warm-as-some-of-us-were-expecting Las Vegas!

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Case Study: Senor Check Cashing

12/13/2018 Posted by Brandon

It’s always a pleasure when we get to talk to customers and deepdive into their experience with Knack. We’ve been at this for years and have talked to countless customers about countless use cases, but we’re still excited when we come across an app idea we haven’t seen before or get the chance to chat with a customer whose story we haven’t heard yet.

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KnackCon 2018: London Recap

11/30/2018 Posted by Brandon

Earlier this month, a small group of jetlagged Americans descended upon London for a historic event: our first ever user conference. One small step for these Knacksters, one giant leap for Knackkind. Years of hard work, countless hours of planning, and gallons of coffee had led to this moment.

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Perfect Uses for Knack: Research Management

11/27/2018 Posted by Ranasha

Perfect Uses for Knack - Research2.png

Conducting research can help build better products, services, or care for future generations. However documenting and sharing large amounts of data can be tough. Managing your data throughout its lifecycle can save your organization countless hours.

How can Knack help?

Knack has many useful features that can help your team confidently store, backup, and manage your research data.

  • Be a central place for recording research data
  • Enable other researchers to securely view data online
  • Validate data to support consistency
  • Reduce data redundancy and improve integrity using field types
  • Connect with other 3rd party programs

Analyze your data and report findings using pivot tables, pie charts, and more

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Perfect Uses for Knack: Customer Relationship Management

11/13/2018 Posted by Ranasha

The relationship you build with your customers can be your most important asset! Investing in a high-quality Call Management or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is vitally important for businesses. With the right tool, you can free up the time to focus on what matters – creating a great experience for your customers while growing your business.

How can Knack help?

Knack has powerful features that can help streamline customer management when it comes to collecting, organizing and sharing customer data within your organization.

  • Interaction Tracking – Keep track of conversations and any follow-up action items with Records and Calendars
  • Security and Permissions – Allow specific users to access needed information with User Roles and Permissions
  • Approvals and Workflow – Move customers through a sales pipeline or require a review before approval
  • Connect with External applications – Integrate with other applications using our API or Zapier

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Knack is coming to London!

09/07/2018 Posted by Danielle

We are excited to announce KnackCon 2018, our first ever user conference in London!


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Retreat VI Highlight Reel

08/15/2018 Posted by Brandon

Holy moly, does that say Retreat #6?!

Team Knack gathered in upstate Wisconsin in July 2018 for another round of quality time, long-term planning, product brainstorming, coffee overindulging, and some good old-fashioned competition.

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Welcome New Knacksters!

07/20/2018 Posted by Brandon

Time for another update on the team here at Knack! There are few things we love as much as growing our Knack family, and this time we've got a bunch of new faces.

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Perfect Uses for Knack: Event Management

07/11/2018 Posted by Ranasha



Planning and hosting events can be a logistical nightmare without the right tools. From managing speakers, agendas, guest lists, registrations, activities, and volunteers, thats a lot to keep track of! Needless to say, it is important to stay organized.  

Every event is different. Using a flexible platform like Knack means you can customize an event management solution to perfectly match your needs, without compromising on features.

With Knack you can manage all your event related data in one place, keeping your event on track!

How can Knack help?

An event management app can help…

  • Save time
  • Increase engagement
  • Reduce manual workload
  • Keep information all in one place
  • Easily collect payments

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